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Precautionary Measures in Wearing Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are good options for eyeglasses. However, there are concerns and complications that you should consider. These should be diagnosed immediately and treated (if necessary) to prevent possible loss of eyesight. Complications can be a main health issue and are generally diverse. It can involve the eyelids, a membrane that covers the internal portion of the eyelid, and layers of the cornea. When you review these problems, classify them according to the anatomical structures. Likewise, bear in mind that contact lenses increase the possibility of of eye infections. Experts offer professional advice on the proper use of contact lenses.

Care for Contact Lenses
The two primary forms of these intricate eye devices are the soft and rigid gas-permeable. Instructions in using and caring for your lenses vary so it is essential to follow the instructions of optometrists. If you will use contacts for the first time, make sure that these are fitted by a licensed eye examiner, optician or medical practitioner. There are also reusable and disposable contact lenses.

Consider the following tips for reusable contacts:
When you take out your lenses, one of the first thongs that you need to do is to immerse them in a disinfecting solution to prevent harmful micro-organisms from accumulating on the lens. The eye care professional will advise you on the best care procedures. Immerse these devices in the solution in a storage case for the prescribed duration. Refrain from using the disinfectant twice. It has to be thrown away and replace with a fresh mixture every time the lenses are stored. Use products that are recommended by the specialist. Follow all instructions precisely. Remember that a dirty case is a main source of infection. Wash your storage case and leave it open to dry after each daily use. These items should be changed every month. Clean the case each week, using a used but clean toothbrush and contact lens solution.

Disposable lenses
Daily contact lenses do not have to be cleaned or disinfected since the lenses are worn only once and discarded. Never use these again because said lenses are not made for repetitive use. Nonetheless, you still need to undergo frequent checkups even if you use disposable lenses. The extended-wear lenses are meant for overnight wear, and can be worn constantly for one month before being thrown away. Do not sleep while wearing lenses unless your practitioner tells you so. These experts will also advise you on how to look after the lenses if you need to remove them momentarily. You may need more regular check-ups if you wear this variety of lens. When you wear these contacts such as purevision contacts, make it a point to do the following:

• Rinse and dry your hands well before handling your lenses.
• Keep a pair of eye glasses that you can use if you need to remove your contacts.
• Replace the lenses at intervals pointed out by your doctor.
• Schedule regular check-ups with your ECP.
• Consult your eye doctor if you encounter any problems with your contact lenses. With contacts, your eyes must feel and look good.

Daily contact lenses need to be handled correctly to prevent eye infections. Remember that minor irritations can lead to bigger problems and probably loss of eyesight. Learn more about air optix aqua contacts.

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