Saturday, September 8, 2012

How to Choose a Handbag for Autumn

I think autumn is a lovely time of year, with the change in light and the color of the flora and fauna around it's the perfect time to match your accessories with the seasons change. It's time to buy some new accessories to help you weather the colder months together. I've been enjoying the new styles of handbags out this season. Here I will outline some ideas to help you choose the perfect autumn handbags to compliment your overall style.

1) Rich Colors - I have spent the last few weeks updating my wardrobe with cosy knitted jumpers and cardigans in creams, dusky pinks and maroons. Choose a handbag that compliments the key season colors, look for anything rich, which makes you feel warm inside. I love deep terracotta, oak browns and vermilion reds. These colors should work well with the shades that you will have already been incorporating into your autumn wardrobe. Alternatively, use your bag to add a splash or color to your outfit; coral pinks and light blues are hot this season.

2) Leathers and Suedes - You really can't find a more hard wearing and resilient fabric than leather to buy a handbag in, the smell of a new leather handbag is like catnip for me. It's time to put away your canvas, linen and cotton bags which were great for summer, but which won't look good or last well in the more changeable autumn weather. Suede is a great alternative this season, which plays on the rich, warm look you are trying to create.

3) Style - Any bag needs to have a certain 'Je ne se qua' in terms of style, whether this bag will be accompanying you to work, to restaurants or out shopping, your handbag will say a lot about your personal style. Stay true to the overall look you wish to achieve, if you want to find a bag that will be fit for many different occasions. 'London Handbags' are all the rage right now, as more designers opt to choose England's capital to showcase their collections. Look for shoulder bags with slouchy duffel styles and gold trim chains to follow the trend.

4) Size - The day of the over-sized bag is not entirely over, but perhaps I would look for a slightly smaller bag this season. Keep to shoulder bag styles of differing lengths when you want to change the look. For formal occasions opt for a short shoulder bag and for day wear an across-the-shoulder satchel, which are coming into full force this autumn.

5) Enjoy Shopping - If it's a bit too cold out to be heading to the shops in person, shop around online for your perfect autumn handbags. That way you can see all the shops have to offer from the comfort of your own home, or if you're like me, the office.

Enjoy finding your perfect autumn bag.

Ruth is a passionate fashion blogger that writes on behalf of Zalando, a leading UK fashion retailer. If you need some inspiration when shopping for handbags for autumn online, why not browse a fashion mag like Vogue, then pay Zalando's easy-to-navigate site a visit?

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